Monday, October 29, 2012

Do not hesitate to contact the authorized Overhead Door Company to quickly and easily fix your garage door system. Garage doors are under a tremendous amount of tension and can be very dangerous. Working on a garage door can result in injury if you do not know what you are doing. 
Here are some common garage door problems (and repairs). 
  • The garage door won’t open (or close). You might just need new batteries in your remote, keypad, or wall button.  Or perhaps they need to be reprogrammed.  If the door is stuck open, check to be sure the photoelectric eyes near the base are aligned and not obstructed.
  • The garage door sticks.  Tracks, rollers or hardware may be dirty.  Clean everything with a little household cleaner, then re-lubricate moving parts with a lubricant that is recommended by an IDA Accredited garage door company.  The tracks may have small dents or flat spots which can be gently tapped out.
  • The garage door sags on one side.  If it’s a multi-sectional door, the hinges on one side may need tightening.  It’s also possible the tracks on each side are out of alignment – use a level to check.
  • The garage door closes then reopens again.  Closing pressure or limits may be out of adjustment; you can adjust it, but do so in small increments. 
  • The garage door doesn’t close all the way.  Something may be obstructing the photoelectric eyes, or they may not be aimed directly at one another.  If they’re OK, you can increase the closing pressure or adjust the limits, but again, do so in small increments.  
  • Broken springs or a broken motor.  These are the most serious garage door repairs. If you have a broken spring or need repair to your garage door opener, you will need to contact an IDA Accredited garage door company.  It is always recommended to replace springs in pairs, to ensure balanced operation.
Overhead Door Co of Daytona Beach is your authorized garage door repair dealer for Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Deltona, Deland, and Debary.

Monday, October 22, 2012

What should a broken spring cost?

We realize we can't do every service job. Don't be fooled by low service charges or lifetime warranties. When having your spring(s) replaced, a torsion tube and cable drums are usually not needed. A spring change should only cost around $250.00 parts and labor.

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